“All It Takes Is 10 Minutes To Generate More Traffic And More Sales With This Brand New Cloud Based All In One Traffic App.”

Discover The New A.I. Cloud Based App That Can Boost Your Sales And Conversions With Only A Few Minutes of Work!
No Technical Experience Needed.

7 Seconds.
That’s All The Time You Have To Succeed.

7 seconds.  A little more than a 1/10th  of a minute.

That’s exactly how much time you have to capture your website visitors attention before they leave and go to your competitor.

See, today’s technology has made it where most people have the attention span of a gnat.  They want instant gratification and don’t want to wait long to find what they are looking for. 

And unless you have the right tools to help capture your visitor traffic immediately, you can kiss all those potential leads, sales, and profits goodbye.

I’ll show you how we do it with only a few minutes of work, but first…

Friend, There’s A New Currency Online.
And It’s More Important Than Money.

Hey, there.  Faheem here.

And along with my good partner Eran, I want to share a very important point with you.

If you’re looking to make a ton of profit online and are chasing money…you’re most likely going to fail.

Yep.  You read that correctly.

See, a lot of people keep trying to make money online with their businesses, but fail to realize where the real currency is online.

And that’s attention.   

I would even dare to say that it’s more important than money.  Because whoever controls the attention of online traffic, also controls where the money flows. 

Let me explain… 

If You Can Understand This One Thing,
You Can Cash In Big Time…

Take a look at the most frequented sites online.
Is it any wonder that they are also some of the most profitable?

Here, let’s take a look at the top 10 sites online:

  1. Google – Worth over 270 Billion
  2. YouTube – Worth over 26 Billion
  3. Facebook – Worth over 138 Billion
  4. Amazon – Has finally hit 1 TRILLION
  5. Yahoo – Worth 4.8 Billion
  6. Twitter – Worth Over 26 Billion
  7. Pornhub – Worth over 3 Billion
  8. Instagram – Worth over 100 Billion
  9. Wikipedia – Worth 10’s of Billions (if they accepted advertising)
  10. XVideos – Worth over 3 Billion 

And coming in right behind is Reddit which is worth 1.8 Billion.  Now while I don’t advocate the ‘nudy’ sites, you can’t deny that all of the above have one thing in common and that’s:

Every Single One of Those Sites Are Masters
At Controlling Your Attention.

(So Why Not Put The Same Power In Your Hands For Major Profit?)

You think it’s all about you watching a video or doing a search right?  No. That’s not it at all. They sites above are masters of controlling attention and converting that attention to profit.

Heck, even Facebook hired gambling engineers to help make their site more addictive so people spend more time on their site.

This should tell you just how important attention is.  And if you can tap into the same methods that the most popular sites use, then it’ll be like writing your own check.

Thankfully for you, I’m going to help you do that today.

But first…

Traffic and Conversions.
That’s All That Truly Matters.  
Everything Else Is Pointless.

Forget what some wanna be guru has told you.  There’s only two things that really matter for your success online.

And that’s:

1.  The ability to generate traffic.  

  1. Converting that traffic into your desired result.

Get this down and everything else becomes easier. 

With all the other misinformation and garbage floating around, is it any wonder why you haven’t hit your goals yet?  Or why you slave away for all types of ungodly hours in front of your computer screen just to make a sale?

Plainly put, if you can move the needle on your conversions even just a tiny bit and get a steady stream of traffic to your offers, you could easily scale your way into a six or seven figure income.

And we want to offer you the perfect opportunity to do just that with our dynamic no fuss cloud based software…

Presenting Max Leads

The All In One Solution For Generating Traffic and Converting That Traffic To Leads, Sales, and Profit!

Max Leads Puts The Power of Traffic
and Conversions In Your Hands
With Two Amazing Apps:

Max Leads Notifications

Max Traffic

Max Leads Gets You More Sales and Profits With Only 3 Simple Steps:

1.  Copy and paste a single line of code Max Lead gives you to your site (we’ll show you how)

2.  Choose your notification type and customize it to your specification

3.  Add your link to Max Traffic to get viral traffic

And That’s It!
You’ll Be Ready To Start Boosting Your Revenue
With Less Effort In As Little As 24 Hours.

Max Leads Works On Every Single Website On The Internet…Including These!

Take A Look At What Others Are Saying!

I have been running my Digital Agency for the past 6 months. In order for me to run my business, I had to subscribe to a number of different software tools. I came across MaxLeads and realized it had everything I needed to run my business. With the help of the trainings provided, I managed to get more leads for my clients.

Julien Jeanbourquin (Switzerland)

But Here’s Where The Real ‘Magic’ Is Behind Max Leads

Max Leads let you tap into social credibility and this pushes more of your traffic to sign up for your products or services.

Let me explain: 

If you and your family were out and about and were hungry, you would look for a restaurant right? 

Now say you came to a place that had two restaurants next to one another.  One has a line out the door and the other has a few customers in it. You’re going to automatically assume that the one with the line out the door is the better restaurant right? 

Sure you would.  Because you’ll be thinking, “if everyone else is going here, then what they offer must be pretty good!”

That’s the power Max Leads is going to put in your hands today.  By helping you to convert more traffic, new traffic will see people taking action on your products and services. 

And when that happens, watch out!  It will be like a never ending cycle of leads, sales, and profits that you won’t be able to turn off!

Check Out Max Leads In Action Here:

So, How Is Max Leads Any Different
Than Other Services?

Max Leads combines traffic generation and social proof notifications together in one easy to use platform

Max Leads gives you a number of different types of notifications that you can use

Max Leads lets you customize your notifications easily and styling your widgets a breeze

You don’t have to take long to set up Max Leads (10 minutes is all it takes)

Max Leads is a one time fee whereas others charge you a recurring fee

Overcomes ad blindness and is much more effective in converting traffic.

And That’s Only A Handful of Items.
Max Leads Fills The Gaps Where Others Fail To
Meet Your Expectations!

How About Tapping Into Content That’s Not Even Yours?

There’s Also The Max Traffic Software!

With the Max Traffic software you’ll be able to tap into viral traffic in an instant.  All it takes is:

Selecting a story from the internet. 

Paste the link into Max Traffic and select your notification.

Share your link and get traffic!

See, when you share your Max Traffic link, because it’s viral content, it’s more likely to be shared and read by others.

And when they click on the link, they’ll see the story or web page content that you’re sharing, but they’ll also see your social proof notification on the site too!

You Can Even Share Directly From Max Traffic
To The Following Places:





Google Plus


Max Leads Notification is already amazing, but when you add the fact that you could viral content online and direct it to your offers is absolutely astounding!

Now, You’re Probably Wondering,
“Do These Notifications Really Work?”

If you’re wondering whether or not these notifications work, then the answer is yes…for the most part.

Let me explain…

Not all notifications work well.  Some are so bland that people ignore them or just click to close them as soon as they pop up.

But when you add the type of notifications that Max Leads includes (you won’t find these all in any other service at this price), then you’ll have a highly engaging notification that gets results.

Take a look at some of these results:

  • Aarin Chung of Honey Bar Media was able to get her landing page to convert at 64.1% using proof type notifications in the real estate niche


  • Dave Rogenmoser of the Entrepreneur Alliance was able to boost his landing page conversions 18.75% using proof type notifications for his info courses and coaching


  • Matt Gartner at MG Media was able to boost conversions by 79.6% using proof type notifications for his info courses and coaching


  • Richard Patey, an affiliate marketer and founder of Funnel Engine, was able to increase conversions 15% using social proof notifications.

While these numbers are great (and there are many more like these examples), there’s only one problem:


So if it’s working for others?  Shouldn’t you be using these types of notifications as well?

Max Leads will put the same power in your hands, but without the monthly recurring fee!

Let’s Take A Look Inside Max Leads

Max Leads boasts all the traffic and conversion power you’ll ever need inside one amazing platform.  You’ll be able to get up and running quickly without any hassle, even if you have no technical experience.

The Max Leads Dashboard

When you get access to Max Leads today, you’ll first be greeted by the user friendly dashboard.

There’s no guesswork involved here as the Max Leads wizard walks you through every step you need to get setup quickly.

Once you’ve installed the single snippet of code on your site (we’ll show you how), it’s just a matter of creating your first notification.

Choose From Multiple Types of Widgets

Most other services only give you a handful of widgets that you can use for social proof notifications.

But Max Leads goes above and beyond that by offering you 14 different types of widgets for different marketing needs.

Conversion Boosting Campaigns

All of your campaigns are easily accessible from your dashboard.  You can see at a moment’s notice which ones are active and which ones aren’t.

These are the very campaigns that’s been known to turn failing promotions into successful ones and even make successful campaigns explode!


Notification Customization Made Simple

These aren’t your normal pop ups.  With Max Leads, you’ll be able to dig even further in any of the notifications you create and customize with your personal settings.

Choose from a number of options and specifications to get each notification just how you want it.


Choose How Your Notification Triggers

If you want to make sure you don’t annoy visitors, but still convert well…then you’ll love this option.

You can choose the time that the notification triggers, how often, and more.

This way, if you have repeat visitors you can still make sales without being a pain in the butt!


Style Your Widgets With Ease

As you’ll see below, we include 14 different types of widgets inside of the Max Leads platform.

But if you want to take it a step further, you can also style how each widget look across multiple campaigns.

Change colors, add images, videos, and more.  


Get All The Data In One Place

We all want to know that what we are doing is working right?

That’s why you’ll be able to see the data on every single campaign inside Max Leads.  Use it for split testing ideas and even learning how your visitors act on certain days.

This way you won’t be left in the dark when it comes to business decisions.


There Are 14 Different Types of Notifications
Included With Max Leads!


Latest Conversion

Random Review

Conversion Counter

Cookie Notification

Emoji Feedback


Email Capture

Request Collector

Live Counter

Score Feedback

Social Share


Countdown Collector

Limited Time Special – Order Now!

No Recurring Fees Necessary.

Unlike other services, Max Leads is available for just a one time investment today.  We loved the idea of using social proof to boost our current and future campaigns, but didn’t want to be stuck with the monthly fee.

So since we couldn’t find a solution that delivered everything we wanted, we decided to build our own.

And now we’re offering that same solution to you without any gimmies or gotchas included. 

You’ll get a certain level of access for all your Max Lead campaigns which is more than generous.

This way you can put your money where it really matters.  And that’s reinvesting into your business so you can grow it as quickly as possible.

All It Takes Is 10 Minutes…

Listen, you don’t have time to waste on trivial technical stuff.  Trying to figure out a bunch of code isn’t for everyone. Heck, it isn’t for 98% of the people on the planet!

That’s why you’ll love the fact that Max Leads is easy to setup from the start.  Even if you’re a complete beginner.

You only need to follow a few simple instructions and you can be ready to not only generate traffic in 10 minutes, but convert that traffic for profit!

Copy.  Paste. Done.

Did we mention that you don’t have to do much? (yeah, I know we did).

But seriously, all you need is one single snippet of code that Max Leads gives you and you’re good to go.

And if you’re not very technical, don’t worry.  We’ll show you exactly where to paste this snippet of code on your site and it takes less than a few minutes!


But even if you have any trouble, our support team will make sure to help you get it done.

There’s Nothing For You To Download or Install.

As you’ll soon see when you get your Max Leads account today, you won’t have to download a single thing.  Everything for Max Leads works on our highly secure lightning fast cloud server. This way you can log in from any device and setup your traffic and conversion campaigns.

Doesn’t matter if you’re on a Mac, PC, Chromebook, or tablet.

Max Leads works wherever you are and whenever you want to use it.

Tap Into The Power of ‘Social Proof’ On Demand and
Boost Your Business Quickly!

Proof is a powerful thing.  We all come in the world looking for validation.  It’s why so many people flock to the same thing. It’s called the herd mentality.

By tapping into that same power of social proof, you’ll be able to generate more sign ups, sales, and profits for your own business.  Because if others see people signing up for your products, they will figure it’s good for them as well.

And Max Leads makes tapping into this level of social proof a cinch!

Even Just A 2% Conversion Boost Can Mean An
Extra $70,000!

[A Look At The Numbers & Facts – Not Theory]

Look, I may not be a math whiz, but I do know that by boosting conversions it can have an exponential effect over time.  Sometimes quicker than you could imagine.

Take this example: 

Let’s say you sell a $97 product.  And for every 100 people that come across your site everyday, 3 people order.  That’s a 3% conversion rate.

So you’re making $291 a day for every 100 people that come across your site.  That’s not bad.

Now let’s say you add Max Leads Notifications on your site and the conversions (based on social proof) jump to just 5%.  An extra 2% conversion rate. 

So in this example, instead of every 3 people ordering, 5 people order per 100 visitors to your site. 

Same product at $97.  Now that’s $485. So in this scenario you’ve jumped from $291 per day to $485.

That’s not bad.  Not bad at all. You won’t buy a country with that money, but it changes things.

But here’s where it gets interesting.

Let that run for 30 days and you have a total of $14,550 instead of the $8,730 you would have normally made.  That’s an extra $5,820. (Ok, it’s getting a little interesting…)

And if the numbers continued for 12 months?

You would have a total of $177,025 instead of $106,215.

That’s an extra $70,810!

All from the same traffic without any extra effort!

For some people that’s one year’s worth of salary.  For others it’s two years worth of salary.

That’s the power of boosting conversions.  And by adding Max Leads to your marketing arsenal today, that same power could be yours.

Bland Push Notifications Suck.
Max Leads Is Better!

If you think this is your regular ol’ push notifications…puh-lease!   Those things are absolutely terrible. How many times have you seen them pop up in the upper right hand corner of your screen?

They look more bland than a dead corpse sitting out for weeks!
If you’re like me, you just quickly click and close them.  So if you’re using those in your business, stop it. Stop it right now.

Get Max Leads instead and watch your conversions soar!

Helps You Solve Your Traffic Problem Quickly!

There are various ways to generate traffic online.  Tons. However, one of the hardest things about traffic is that you either have to wait forever to see results or you have to spend an arm and a leg hoping that your traffic plan turns into dollars.

And that’s where Max Leads shine.  By tapping into the Max Traffic module you’ll be able to drive viral traffic to a number of your sites easily.

Viral traffic is some of the best traffic on the planet and Max Traffic (along with Max Leads) will help you tap into that source of traffic with a ton of less work.

You can literally piggyback off of sources on the internet and redirect that traffic for you own benefit. 

It doesn’t get any better than that.

Trying To Get These Results Without Max Leads?
“Yeah, Good Luck With That.”

To get results on your own like the ones that Max Leads offers can be quite a daunting task .

You’d have to spend long arduous hours learning how to write code or try and piece together all different types of software that don’t fit any more than a round peg in a square hole.

Not to mention all the monthly fees that will take a heavy toll on your pocket book.

But when you get access to Max Leads today, you’ll be able to start boosting traffic and conversions in less than 10 minutes.

The only regret you’ll have is that you would have had access to Max Leads sooner.

Plus, I’ll Also Include These Bonuses As A Way of Saying Thanks For Investing In Max Leads Today.

Bonus #1
WP Optin Countdown

WP Opt-in Countdown is a powerful and effective Email Marketing Opt-in plugin for WordPress that will place countdown timers on custom generated opt-in pages to increase subscribers fast.

Some of the features of WP Opt-in Countdown include:

– Create unlimited email countdown opt-in pages
– Works in any WordPress theme
– Fast and easy setup with customization options
– Email Lead opt-in with any Autoresponder service
– Countdown timer with date and text controls that will auto-redirect to any URL when the user opts in
– Customize your page with a variety of powerful options including adding your logo and banner image

Bonus #2
Leadbook Generator

With this powerful plugin, you can easily integrate Facebook Lead Ads with your autoresponder and have your leads added to your mailing list automatically!

This is a premium WP plugin that will open the doors to a highly effective way of building your list and making money quickly with Facebook!  

This software is for anyone who wants to take their lead generation efforts to the next level and build a profitable business. 


Bonus #3
YT Rank Analyzer

If you want a flood of traffic from YouTube, then you’ll love this software.  Simply enter one or more keyword phrases and let the software find the best keywords to target for MASSIVE free traffic…

Know at a glance if you should target a specific keyword phrase or avoid it like the plague (too much competition, too little traffic or both).

With YT Rank Analyzer you can instantly find valuable keywords with poor SEO, high search volume and MASSIVE potential!

Here’s My “Take It To The Bank” No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Take the next 14 days to try Max Leads out for yourself risk free.  We want you to put Max Leads through its full paces We wholeheartedly believe that Max Leads is the solution you need to help you generate more traffic and convert that traffic to leads and sales.

That’s why if Max Leads doesn’t deliver on the promises we make on this page or if it doesn’t even give you the slightest boost in conversions, we want you to contact us for a quick and prompt refund.

Plus, we’ll let you keep the bonuses as a way of saying thanks for giving Max Leads a try.

Sounds fair?

The Clock’s Ticking…
You’ll Need To Act Fast To Claim This Limited Time
Discounted Offer.

I wish that we could make Max Leads available to everyone for such a low investment forever.  But…unfortunately we can’t.

We have big plans for Max Leads and we want to grow this into something special.  That’s why we’re offering Max Leads for such a low one time investment to begin with.

We want you to get in and use Max Leads for your own business.  We want you to fall in love with the results you’ll get.

Because once you do, maybe…just maybe, you’ll tell your other business friends about Max Leads as well.

However, we need to be clear that Max Leads is only available at this price for a limited time during this launch special.  Once the timer runs out, you’ll either be forced to pay more, pay a recurring fee, or we could remove access altogether.

So with that being said, the time to act on getting access to Max Leads is now.

Not tomorrow.  Not in the future.  But now.

Because Max Leads can help you get traffic and boost conversions starting in the next 10 minutes.

So why would you delay?  Especially since it only takes a small snippet of code to get major results?

Listen, do yourself a favor and get access to Max Leads right now.  I guarantee it will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make for your business now and in the future.

So with that being said…

Let’s Get You Started Today.
Here’s What’s Next:

Ok, so let’s get you setup with Max Leads today.

Here’s what you need to do now:

  1.  Click the button below to order Max Leads 

When you do, you’ll be taken to a very secure order page where all of your information will be protected.  It’s the same level of security that a lot of major companies use, so you know you’ll have nothing to worry about. 

2. After you’re done, you’ll be redirected so you can start to see all that Max Leads have to offer.  We’ll also send you your login information to your email as well. 

Other than that, there’s nothing for you to do.  We’ll handle everything. All you need to do is click the button below to get access to Max Leads now and we’ll get your account setup in less than a minute!

But you need to act fast to get the discount available on this page.  Because once the time runs out, you’ll be forced to pay more or we’ll revert to a monthly fee. 

So go ahead and get access now and we’ll see you on the inside! 

Click Below To Get Access To Max Leads Now!