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Introducing Max Leads

In today’s world, it’s getting harder and harder to compete for leads and sales.

You could even say that the new currency online is attention.

But how do you get your marketing messages recognized when you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your visitors?

Simple.  You use pop ups.

But not the bland ol’ boring kind that your visitors are used to.  You need pop ups that create urgency and trust while at the same time aren’t intrusive.

Enter Max Leads.

Max Leads can help boost conversions for your products, services, and mailing list without the hassle.  


Here’s How Max Leads Works:

Install Max Leads On Your Website

It only takes one single line of code that Max Leads gives you.

Create Your Max Leads Notification

Customize your notifications however you like.

Grow and Profit With Your Business

Convert more leads to sales, and increase your revenue easily.

Check Out These Amazing Features.

Choose From Multiple Types of Widgets

Everything is already included and ready to go inside your
Max Leads dashboard.

Create Unlimited Campaigns

This option is available for the user to select at purchase

Total Control Over Your Notifications

Easily personalize every single notifications with your desired settings.

Choose How Your Notification Triggers

You can set when your notification will display and where it will display exactly.

Style Your Widgets With Ease

The in built editor makes customizing your widgets a breeze.

Get All The Data In One Place

Easily track the progress of all your notifications with unlimited statistics and trackers.

See Max Leads In Action Below

$5,000 In Total Prizes Are Available!

Note:  You must have made equal commissions to the prizes.  If you haven’t, prizes will be pro-rated based upon your results. 

Daily Contest Prizes

Everyday Throughout The Launch, We Will Run A Daily Contest
For Affiliates To Win The Following Prizes.

If You’re In One of The Top 3 Spots For That Day, You’ll
Win The Prize Money!

1st Place – $600

2nd Place – $400

3rd Place – $250

Here’s Our High Converting Funnel… 

More Details About The Funnel…

(Front End) - Max Leads

Max Leads allows any individual to create a number of different notifications that will help generate more customers and revenue.

By tapping into the fear of missing out and scarcity, Max Leads lets anyone boosts conversions without a lot of effort.

You can show how many people are signing up for your newsletter, how many people are purchasing a product and more.

When this happens, you’ll boost conversions because of the social proof Max Leads helps provide. 

Max Leads users will receive access to a limited number of campaigns, notifications, notification impressions, and notification enabled.

The different types of notifications included with
Max Leads are:

  • Informational
  • Coupons
  • Live Counters
  • Email Collector
  • Latest Conversion
  • Conversions Counter
  • Video
  • Social Share
  • Random Review
  • Emoji Feedback
  • Cookie Notification
  • Score Feedback
  • Request Collector
  • Countdown Collector

Upsell #1 - Max Leads Pro

Users will receive access to more campaigns, notifications, impressions, and notifications enabled.

Upsell #2 - Max Leads Agency

Users will be able to remove all branding, create custom branding, and receive unlimited access for all notifications with reselling options.

Downsell #1 - Max Leads Pro Lite

A lighter version of Max Leads Pro that gives more than Max Leads, but for a lesser price.

Downsell #2 - Max Leads Agency Lite

A lighter version of Max Leads Agency that gives users 1000 campaigns, notifications, and unlimited notification impressions.

Need Swipes?  We’ve Got You Covered…

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Subject: Still struggling to convert traffic to sales? (Use this…)

By now, I’m sure that you’ve discovered that trying
to create consistent sales online can be a bit of
a challenge right?

Listen, all that truly matters is learning how to
generate consistent traffic and converting that
traffic.  That’s it.  Everything else is pointless.

You can fiddle with a bunch of other stuff, but
at the end of the day, you’ll just find yourself
burnt out with little to no results to show for
your efforts.

If you want to see a brand new tool that helps
you not only generate traffic, but boost conversions
for any traffic that comes across your web pages,
then tap here:
(link goes here)

When you go to that link above, you’ll see a brand
new offering called Max Leads.

Max Leads is a cloud based platform that helps
you generate traffic and boost conversions in only

All you do is install a single snippet of code on your
site, customize a few items and you’re good to go!

Don’t believe me?

Well, why not check it out for yourself?

When you go to the link in this email, you’ll see
Max Leads in action. 

You’ll see how you can generate a ton of viral

traffic by tapping into other sources with content
you didn’t even create!

Plus, you can take that same traffic (or any
traffic for that matter) and convert it in a number

of different ways.

Doesn’t matter if you’re looking to sell something,
host a webinar, present a video, or boost your
IG followers, Max Leads can help you do that
easily with only 10 minutes of work.

Go here now to see Max Leads for yourself:
(link here)

To your success,

(Name here)

Subject: - Boost your leads and sales in 10 minutes? (No way!)

I can’t stand it when things aren’t efficient.

Kind of like when you call into to an office and
they connect you fifty different times only for
you to still not get your questions answered!

If that’s ever happened to you, then you’ll love
what I’m about to share with you.

It’s called Max Leads and with it, you could
boost your traffic and conversions with only
10 minutes of work.

No joke.
(link goes here)

See, the power of Max Leads cloud based A.I
platform lets you tap into the power of social
proof so you can get even more leads, sales,
and profits!

All it takes is one single snippet of code that
Max Leads gives you and you’re in business.

You could literally have everything setup and
customized from start to finish in about 10 minutes.

12 if you’re a complete beginner. 🙂

Right now, Max Leads is being offered at an
incredible discount.

So if you’re an affiliate marketer, digital product
owner, ecom seller, realtor, doctor, lawyer,
single mom, CEO, or any other profession,
then make sure you pick up Max Leads today.

It’ll be a great investment in your business and
with the boost in conversions you’ll get, Max Leads
will pay for itself many times over!

Go here to see Max Leads in action now:

(link goes here)

Subject: Max Leads is live - traffic and conversions made simple...

Hey, hey, hey!

Today a brand new software just went live called
Max Leads and you can check it out here:
(link goes here)

In short, Max Leads solves the problem that a
lot of struggling online marketers and business
owners have every single day.

And that’s generating traffic and converting that
traffic to profit.

See, there’s two components of Max Leads and
that’s Max Leads Notifications and Max Traffic.

With Max Traffic, you can swipe just about any
content online and make it yours. 

You can then create social proof notifications with
Max Leads Notifications and direct that traffic
to any offer you choose!

But you don’t have to just use Max Leads Notifications
with Max Traffic.  You can also use the notification
portion on ANY site you have online.

Doesn’t matter if it’s:

  • A Shopify store
  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Pure ol’ HTML 


All it takes is for you to take a simple snippet of
code that Max Leads gives you, make a few tweaks,
and you’re good to go.

That’s it!

To see what all the fuss is about, go ahead and head
over to this link now:

(link goes here)

And see for yourself how Max Leads is changing the
game when it comes to traffic and conversions.

Talk soon,

(Name here)

Subject: Are you making this traffic generating mistake?

(In a rush?  Go here to see what this is
all about:  [link goes here])


Well, online traffic that is.  Let me clarify.

I’m not talking about that stuff you get stuck
in every morning on your daily commute.

I’m talking about the eyeballs that it takes
to turn what you’re offering into dineros.

You would think it’s the holy grail the way most
people fawn over it.

But the truth is, the mistake that most people
make when it comes to getting traffic is that
they spread themselves too thin.

They try too many traffic generation techniques
and never truly master any.

If that’s you stop it.  Pick one and stick with it.

And for goodness sake, please learn how to
convert that traffic for profit ok?

If you want a shortcut on how to do both of these
things, then I suggest you head over and check out
Max Leads here:
(link here)

Max Leads is a cloud based A.I. platform that has
the traffic and conversions game on lockdown.

It’s as simple as:

1.  Installing a simple piece of code that Max Leads
gives you.

2.  Making some tweaks to your notifications

3.  Using the traffic generation (Max Traffic) to start
generating traffic.

And that’s it!

I gotta be honest.  Combining these tools together
was a pure stroke of genius.

Especially since using them doesn’t take any more
than 10 minutes.  (newbies included).

Look, if you’re anxious to start generating some
traffic to your offers and converting any traffic you
get, go ahead and head over here now:
(link goes here)

Max Leads will be just what you need to help
you get into the traffic game and convert that
traffic for your desired goals.


(Name here)

Subject: Do those proof notification thingys really work?

Have you seen those little ‘proof’ pop ups

that some sites are using now?

To quote the great philosopher Morpheus from

the Matrix, “it’s like a splinter in your mind…”

That’s how I feel when I’m on a site that uses
them.  I can’t help but notice them.  And when
it’s a product I’m looking at, seeing those same
notification boosts my confidence in purchasing
the offer.

So I guess they do work lol!

No seriously, I know they work.  That’s why I

want you to take a look at Max Leads today.
(link goes here)

With Max Leads you’ll be able to create a
number of those social proof notifications for
your own sites in a flash!

Plus, Max Leads also includes Max Traffic which
can help you start generating tons of viral traffic
from content you don’t even own!

This is a serious game changer.  Marrying these
two tools together in one cloud based platform
is absolute killer.

That’s why you need to get over and check it
out for yourself now.

See how so many people have boosted their
conversions and sales with the same technology.

But most of all, see how you won’t have to pay
as nearly as much as others have for other
services and how you will get just as much, if
not more in benefits!

Tap here to see all the details:
(link here)

And get ready to boost your conversions and
traffic in a flash with Max Leads!

To your success,

(Name here)

If You Need Anything To Help Your Promotions Be More Successful, Feel Free To Get In Touch.

Faheem Zafar

Eran Ali